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Health Guarantee




To the best of  sellers/breeders knowledge said puppy is in good health and has been immunized with all the following vaccinations :

Parvo, Para Influenza, Distemper, Adenovirus, and Bordatella upon request.


The fact that puppy has been immunized does not guarantee immunity. It MUST have a series of vaccinations, with the final boosters given at 4 and 5 months.


To Activate The Lifetime Health Guarantee...Puppy must remain on his/her ProLif probiotics which can be purchased on my website. This will help combat all the added stress puppies go through. Which most buyers do not give much thought about. Kids, other pets, change of environment, new noises, competing for food, teething, growth spurts, vet visits, grooming visits, new routine, new water, new food etc. ProLif Probiotics helps strengthen their immune systems to help prevent sickness and other medical issues. If the puppy does not remain on his/her probiotics this Health Guarantee will become Null and Void.


Puppy is currently eating Diamond Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food which can be purchased from or at any of their retailers Puppy is to remain on this food. If buyer wishes to switch puppies food in the future seller suggests buyer do so at least 3 months after purchase. Your puppy is already experiencing an extreme amount of stress whether you think so or not. DO NOT cause him/her even more by fixing what is not broke.


The seller/breeder guarantees the puppy to be free of all Communicable diseases for a period of  72 hours from the date received.

Your puppy should receive regular vaccinations which include Parvo Virus every 2 to 3 weeks until 16 weeks to 20 weeks of age. Parvo Virus can be picked up on the bottom of your shoes and carried back home. It is very important that you be very cautious and very careful with your new puppy as far as what and how many people you expose him or her to until at least 2 weeks after the very last vaccines at 16 to 20 weeks of age. There is a new strain of  Parvo that no vaccine is available for and giving an additional parvo vaccine at 16 and 20 weeks will carry over and help cross protect your puppy. However, you still need to do your part and not expose him or her to people, places, and things at an early age. Dog parks, vet clinics, puppy classes, areas where stray dogs travel, Pets Mart, Pet Stores, etc... I guarantee that my vaccination protocol is UTD and your puppy has received all age-appropriate vaccinations and worming.


Because there are certain strains of Parvo that no vaccination is available for, this guarantee DOES NOT cover Parvo.

1. BUYER MUST TAKE THE PUPPY TO THE VETERINARIAN WITHIN 72 HOURS OF RECEIVING PUPPY for this contract and for the genetic health guarantee to be in effect. Injury beyond the seller's control is not guaranteed.

Every effort is made to ensure the puppy's health and well-being. Seller/breeder is not responsible  (puppies go through stress during moves to their new homes) for environmental induced disorders such as, but not limited to, kennel cough, pneumonia, hypoglycemia , coccidiosis, allergies, giardia, parasites, mites, and other autoimmune disorders that are not covered in the guarantee. These conditions are all treatable and do not warrant an exchange in a puppy.

All Puppies come with 30 days of free accidental and illness and medical insurance at no cost to you. There are also NO WAITING PERIODS! I highly recommend you take advantage of this offer and activate your policy within the 24 hour period of picking your puppy up. You may also purchase pet insurance on your own for your puppy as soon as you place a deposit on your puppy. Once puppy leaves my home, I can no longer assume any responsibility. 


If the puppy becomes sick or dies before the puppy leaves the seller's care. Puppy will be replaced with another of equal value when available. 




Every preventative effort has been made by the seller/breeder ( Worming's, vaccinations, Albon, treatments, probiotics, etc.) to help guard against these types of problems.


Have your vet give the puppy a 5-way combo vaccine and 3 days of Panacur De-Wormer. I must be informed immediately of the examination's result by email or by telephone and a copy of the paperwork submitted to me via email or text. Failure to complete this crucial step will terminate the health guarantee on your puppy.




Buyer will provide Seller with a veterinarian's report stating the cause of death or prognosis, to be examined by seller's veterinarian. A 2nd opinion may be required by the breeder as well. If justifiable by both vets a puppy of equal value will be exchanged for a defective puppy, when a puppy becomes available. All shipping cost is the buyer's responsibility. 


The seller/breeder guarantees puppy to be in good health to the best of his/her knowledge at the time puppy leaves seller/breeders possession for delivery to the buyer and for 72 hours thereafter. If the Veterinarian deems the puppy ill and must be euthanized or unable to live a normal life. Buyer may return said puppy to the seller for a replacement puppy of equal value when available.

You must send pics of your health exam results via text to 940-217-2422 or email at

3. Buyer agrees to notify seller/breeder of any significant health problems encountered that might be of a genetic/hereditary  origin. If puppy dies or must be euthanized, buyer must provide seller with a necropsy report showing cause of death. If cause of death is genetic or hereditary a replacement puppy of equal value will be provided when available. If  buyer chooses a puppy of greater value, buyer is responsible for the difference in price.

4. If for any reason, during the pet's lifetime, an owner needs to find a new home for a dog that I have sold them, I will assist or take the dog back, rather than see it placed in a shelter.


5. If  buyer purchased a puppy/dog with Full Registration and breeding rights registration forms will be received by buyer within 6 months.

6. I am not smarter than mother nature. There is no guarantee that you will be able to show or breed your puppy regardless of show or breeding potential. In addition I do not guarantee DNA testing results with any testing lab.  The curve of inaccuracies, user error, tainted samples and more are beyond my control. I do not guarantee puppy against congenital defects.

7. This guarantee is Null and Void if the above recommendations are not adhered to. Contract must be signed and returned to the seller with the vet health checkup within 72 hours of picking puppy up.

Buyer agrees that they have have read and understand all warranties and conditions all of which I accept.


You as the buyer must fill out your information below and submit it back to me upon placing a deposit on a puppy or making a purchase a puppy.

All items covered in this guarantee are replacement only. ALL SALES ARE FINAL! No monies will ever be refunded. 

This guarantee applies to the original puppy and buyers only and is nontransferable to a second party or puppy.


Buyers Responsibility

Be sure to provide your puppy with routine preventative care, such as, but not limited to: Annual physical examinations by a licensed veterinarian. Follow veterinarian guidelines for vaccinations and de-worming.

Seller/Breeder will never be required to take any dog or puppy back that becomes ill once it has left the premises. All sales are final.  Seller/Breeder does not take any responsibility for a dogs demise while under anesthetic.


Seller/Breeder will not be responsible for injury or accident to puppy, or cost for replace, or cost for transport back to breeder (Hat Creek Corgis) once s/he leaves seller/breeders care.


In addition, Seller/Breeder makes no guarantee on eye color, coat color, hair length, ear-set  size,  DNA test results, show or working ability, or reproduction ability/capability of the puppy. Guarantee does not cover undescended testicles, overbites, underbites or inverted vulva.


You agree to properly socialize and expose your puppy to various situations as to develop a sound temperament. The first two years are especially important. It is strongly recommended that your puppy attend obedience school and/or puppy kindergarten. It is important that the puppy learns who the leader is and how to socialize with other puppies/dogs as well as people. 

Your new puppy will be as big as he or she is meant to be. I can give you the sizes of your puppies mom and dad, but we do breed a size variety of Corgi's and genetics can be fickle. There are no guarantees that this puppy will not end up being bigger or smaller than its parents.

Please be advised that you should not engage your puppy in high jumping or agility exercises until he is over one year of age. This guarantee does not cover hips and elbows. Puppy bones need time to grow and become strong enough for these activities.


If you are planning on breeding your puppy and  have purchased a male, do not breed him before he is a year old. If a female do not breed her before 18 months of age.


Puppies ears will stand with time. Giving them extra calcium... i.e. cottage cheese, shredded cheese, greek yogurt or a calcium supplement can help with the ears. All the calcium goes to a puppies teeth when they are teething. Providing extra calcium will help with the ears. Also during stressful situations... i.e. vaccines, your puppies ears may droop or come up and down. One thing you can also do to help with the heavier eared pups is to shave the back of their ears and tape them for a few days. That works wonders if all else fails.  


All puppies purchased with full breeding rights and or registration will have the name "Hat Creeks" in the beginning of its name or "Of Hat Creeks" in the end of its name, or this health contract/guarantee will be null and void. Your puppy’s name after Hat Creeks can be chosen by new owners. For Example - "Hat Creeks Clara Allan" or  Smokin' Hot Banana of Hat Creeks. Have fun and be creative with your names.


Temperament is not only determined by genetics, but also by environment. Too often, nice puppies develop problems as a result of the way they were raised. I as the Seller/Breeder has no control over environment after the puppies leave, therefore I do not guarantee the temperament of puppies. I do however guarantee that all puppies are exposed to a variety of noises, activities and such on a daily basis in every way possible while in my care .


New owner is responsible for sending updates and pics to me every 6 months so I can keep my records up to date. Please be advised, I may at any time use them for advertising purposes and they may be added to my internet pages. You can send pics via text to

940-217-2422 or email at You may also post
pics to the wall of "Hat Creek Corgis" FB Group Page. This health contract/ guarantee will be void if I do not receive updates and pics on your puppy every 6 months.

I wish you the best with your new puppy and if you have any questions feel free to contact me any time. I provide a life time of support and advise for your puppy.

This contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Texas, in the county of  Cooke.  It is agreed the place of venue shall be in Gainesville Tx.


By purchasing a puppy from me, you the buyer have agreed to all the terms listed above. Feel free to print this for your records.

Below is where you sign the Health Guarantee and submit it back to me.

If you purchased a "Pet Only" with a 90 day Genetic/Hereditary  Health Guarantee then please Fill in Section A.) type your name and that you agree to that section.


If you purchased a puppy with "Limited Registration/ No Breeding rights with a 1 year Genetic/Hereditary  Health Guarantee" Please Fill in Section B.) type your name and that you agree in that section.


Same goes for those that purchased a puppy with "Full Registration and Breeding Rights with a 3 year Genetic/Hereditary  Health Guarantee" please fill in section C.) Type your name and that you agree in that section.

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