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Over the years of breeding, we have found products that simply work for our dogs and we feel they are essential to the success of establishing a new pet purchased from us in your home.

While cuddles, quality food & training are important, do you know ‘HOW TO’ enjoy The Longest-Healthiest life you’re your pup? Feed HIGH-quality food and supplement with NuVet Plus. When you build strong immunity, minimize cell damage, and avoid toxic chemicals causing cell mutations, you stack the odds in your favor!

What you FEED your pet and what you EXPOSE them to are vital:

FEED High-quality food & treats. NOT sourced in China or filled with sugar and chemicals.

SUPPLEMENT with NuVet Plus Immune booster to PROTECT your pet, NOURISH w/ 30 nutrients which help slow aging, support skin and coat health, and remove toxins.

Provide PURE water (many municipal water supplies are high in chlorine etc.) AND use stainless bowls vs plastic or ceramic which leeches in the water

AVOID chemicals in food, treats, AND around your home: Pesticides, lawn chemicals, cleaners. These are believed to be the #1 cause of the increase in pet cancer

Of all the items you purchase, a strong immune system is #1 : Dogs “first line of defense”.

PROTECT your puppy & order before go-home day:

(They offer auto ship so it’s easy and affordable: $16 a month to KEEP your pup healthy and happy for years to come)


Cuddle Critter Rechargeable Heartbeat Simulator with USB Pet Anxiety Relief and Calming Aid for Your Cat Kitten Dog and Puppy

  • ★ New from Cuddle Critter – Simple to charge. Just follow instructions and it works great! Finally! A rechargeable, USB calming heartbeat. Keep your pets calm with the soothing feel and sound of a simulated maternal heartbeat. Separation anxiety will be a thing of the past with the Cuddle Critter Calming Heartbeat Simulator. Use stand-alone or as a replacement heartbeat simulator for the many stuff toys that use these simulators and relaxation aids on Amazon.

  • ★ Helps with crate training – Simply place the heartbeat simulator under your pet’s blanket while crate training. The sound and feel of the heartbeat will reduce anxiety and keep them from whimpering and whining allowing you to relax as well.

  • ★ All natural, no medication – Why medicate your anxious pets when you can simply flip a switch and introduce the calming, relaxing feeling of having their mother or sibling nearby. This is a proven safe and effective method of training and behavioral modification.

  • ★ No batteries necessary – Unlike other heartbeat simulators on Amazon, the Cuddle Critter Heartbeat Simulator is rechargeable via a USB port and included cable. No more worry about replacing batteries and whether they will die in the middle of the night.

  • ★ Cuddle Critter is a USA based company and a trusted name in pet supplies on Amazon. We stand behind our products with a 100% customer satisfaction, money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, contact us and we will replace or refund no questions asked. Our success is measured by your satisfaction!!!


Your AKC registration includes an offer of a pet health insurance policy, underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company, which includes 30 Days of Pet Insurance Coverage at no additional cost to you. Have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have coverage for certain unforeseen accidents and illnesses that can occur as your new dog transitions into their new home. There is no commitment required and the policy will automatically expire 30 days after activation. Simply activate your policy for coverage to take effect.

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